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Accommodation guests are free to explore and enjoy the walk during their stay.  For others wishing to do this, the walk is accessible on the 2nd Sunday of each month, from 11am to 3pm, or by small group tours (bookings required). 

Also look out for open days for the Handmade in Cygnet Art Trail in April and the Huon Valley Studio Art Trail in October. 

The 2km Sculpture Walk is unique in many ways,
namely it is located on the privately owned
Ripples Art Farm.

Owners and creators Ruth and Daren Lindsell, warmly invite guests to enjoy the tranquility of a walk encompassing orchards, native bushland, large sculptures and installations - plus a few hairy Highland cows on their farm. 

The artists have created this experience, to express their love and joy for nature and to share this with others, with the vision that others too can relax and reconnect with nature and their own creative selves.

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