100 Stories of Adamsons Peak at night .j

My volunteering at Dover District School as an Artist in Residence was in response to the 2019/20 bushfires that swept through the Huon Valley and then across the mainland.  I wanted to demonstrate to kids and to inspire them to engage with creative practices as a way of dealing with stress and as an opportunity to express their feelings.

Inspiration behind the Adamsons Peak series came about randomly when I was working with a bunch of kids with bits of charcoal and ash collected from Tahune to create a large quick underpainting of Adamsons Peak, it was then that I noticed that the school logo depicts Adamsons Peak – I found my muse.

“100 stories of Adamsons Peak” was inspired by conversations between myself and Kristie Knight – local photographer, that Adamsons Peak was every bit as spectacular as Mt Fuji, as captured by Japanese woodblock artists Hokusai and Hiroshige who both depicted Mt Fuji in 36 different perspectives and seasons.  I felt that Adamsons Peak was deserving of the same reverence. 

Once an exhibition in ArtBox was settled for later in the year, I set about creating as many different moods of Adamsons Peak in as many different mediums within my skill set – from wood carvings, sculpture, pastels, colour pencil, linocuts and impasto acrylic paintings to watercolours.

In addition to the students and my work, we have asked Kristie Knight to exhibit some of her photographs alongside us, to share in the story telling of a truly beautiful and captivating aspect of living in the Huon Valley – Adamsons Peak. Whilst dominating the Dover landscape, “The Cow and Calf” is  viewed and held in reverence from many vantage points across the Huon Valley. 

The students from Dover District School, Kristie and myself are very appreciative of the opportunity to share our work with you through this wonderful exhibition space ArtBox, provided by the Huon Valley Council. 

Artwork for Sale 

Works exhibited by myself are for sale, please see below for details.  Please contact Kristie at krillknight@hotmail.com for details regarding her work.  


Adamsons Sunset $1250

Mixed media: gold leaf, Kent Beach sand, paper, stones and acrylic paint


Golden Secrets $750

Mixed media:  Kent Beach sand with acrylic paint on Belgium Linen